Gourdon is surrounded by attractive countryside. We fly over its landscape, we see its history and are reminded of its past. We discover astonishing geography and panoramic views from the top of its esplanade. 

We like meeting people, and in Gourdon it is easy to enjoy the rhythms of a village party, or the atmosphere of a festival. Here, the secret lives of Léo Ferré and Gary Brooker are remembered and still touch us. 
Gourdon stands between Quercy, Bouriane and Périgord, and is an ideal starting place to explore numerous nearby small villages. 

Take the GR652 and don’t hesitate to savour a duck leg confit with porcini mushrooms, a toasted cabécou, and why not foie gras with Espelette pepper, finishing with a good glass of Malbec! 



Valerie’s, our group relation manager, has fallen for : Gourdon’s far reaching view

“From the vantage point overlooking the town, there is a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside. I take the opportunity to meander through old Gourdon, and on the way, pass medieval zig zag gardens. It’s a walk I really enjoy, because it’s peaceful.”

by the GR652.

Rocamadour to Gourdon is 31.6 km


is a 35 minute drive from Gramat.


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The cycle route

Why not try a 21.7 km ride in Bouriane ?

Clermont castle
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Listen, if it's raining
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Degagnazès valley
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Piage museum
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Soar, fly, breathe, enjoy !